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Joy Giovanni

The Joyful Medium 

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In light of COVID-19, all in-office services have been temporarily suspended.

Reading, Healing, Coaching, and Assessments are still available and sessions will be conducted by Zoom or phone.

We can overcome these new challenges together. Wishing you health and wellness in every way

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Group Reading

Although in person group reading have been temporarily suspended, you can learn more about hosting your own evening with spirit by clicking below.


Private Reading

 Four types of private reading sessions are currently offered:

Mediumship Reading

Psychic Reading

Oracle/Tarot Card Reading

Zen Mini Reading

(Click below for details and pricing)

Private Reading


Spiritual assessment and Intuitive coaching each assist you with your next steps towards your highest and greatest good. Learn what each has to offer and which is right for you.

(Click below for details and pricing)



Both Reiki and Trance Medium healing are powerful forms of energetic healing.

Learn the differences and choose the right session type for you.

(Click below for details and pricing)



Joy will create a personalized meditation, just for you, approximately 15 minutes in length. You will receive a video of your meditation that you can download to your device.

Access details and  free meditations by clicking below.


FAQ: Does it make a difference if my psychic or medium reading is in person or by phone?

In these trying times it is so important to know that we can connect with loved ones on the other side or receive personal guidance even now. Recorded in October 2019, this video explains how mediumship and psychic gifts work whether in person, by phone or Zoom (video chat). 

Reiki treatment online: How does virtual Reiki work and what to expect during your session

Reiki can be done by phone or by virtual appointment through Zoom. How does that work? Learn what to expect from your reiki session online and why reiki still works this way. Find out how to schedule your Reiki treatment.

Meditation to connect with deceased loved ones. Anyone can spend time with a loved one in spirit

We all have the ability to connect with and spend time with deceased loved ones or loved ones in the spirit world. Love, like life, has no end. This guided mediation will walk you gently through a visit with your own loved one!

Watch some sample mediumship mini readings from a Facebook Live group reading in 2020

"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched- they must be felt with the heart." -Helen Keller