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Joy Giovanni

The Joyful Medium 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium? A psychic connects to a person's vibrational "energy” and may perceive and interpret  information about past, present, or future events in that person's life. A medium communicates directly with Spirits, forming an energetic link and blending with the Spirit to receive details and messages. Every medium is a psychic but not every psychic is a medium.

Which one is right for me: Mediumship, Channeled or Psychic Session? The Mediumship Session is designed  to connect with a loved one in Spirit, to receive reassurance that they are safe and at peace and to validate that they are still with us in our daily activities and special moments of our lives. Sessions are often emotionally healing in some way. Intuitive (or Psychic) readings are designed to ask questions and get information about specific things going on in our lives, choices we need to make, guidance on next steps or things coming up for us, etc.  Channeled Sessions are designed to provide personal guidance and messages to you from your Spirit Guides and/or Angels. 

Can you do a combination psychic/mediumship session?  In short, no. The energetic mechanics of these sessions are very different for Joy and they each need to be given the proper amount of time and respect. 

What is my part in a Mediumship Reading? Please approach the mediumship experience with an open-mind, as your positive expectations and energy can greatly enhance the outcome of your sitting. Joy will explain the process of the sitting when you arrive.

If I don't have any intuitive abilities am I still able to do Coaching Sessions? Even if you don't realize it yet, we all have natural intuitive abilities that we can learn to strengthen and use in our day to day lives. Similarly to sports, some people are born with strong abilities and can train to play professionally, but we all have some capacity and can learn to play at some level even if it's just in our own back yard for fun. It's about growth and personal empowerment from right where you stand today. Have you ever walked into a room and without a word you could "feel" the tension? THAT'S basic intuition! 

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