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Joy Giovanni

The Joyful Medium 

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Group Readings

Host your own Evening with Spirit!

When people come together for a Group Reading it's like a reunion of souls! I am able to connect to loved ones in the Spirit world similarly to when I do a private session and receive specific details from them about their personality, hobbies, items they treasured, memories they shared with you and more. With their help, I receive information about the relationship they have to a person in the audience and which audience member it is. Each contact usually lasts approximately 7-12 minutes. While I cannot guarantee that each person in the audience will receive a contact, I can tell you that it proves to be a healing and enjoyable experience for all who attend, whether they receive a personal contact or not. The Spirit world determines which Souls on the other side have the greatest need to communicate and they do a great job at helping me understand their heartfelt messages. After all, I am just the messenger!

I also have a colleague I work with often for Group Readings. Her name is Kelly Fisher, the SoCal Medium, and she is a gifted and compassionate medium. We each do a segment of the demonstration giving contacts and then we do something called a "double link" where we both connect to the same Soul in the Spirit world and give detailed information and messages. Since we both receive and perceive the information slightly differently we each have our own unique style and they compliment each other in a special way. It's like receiving 2 readings at once! It's great fun and one of the most popular choices among clients.

How it works:

Just choose your Group size below and contact me in order to schedule. Let me know if you would like Joy or Joy & Kelly. I also like to know just a little bit about your group. (No specific details about who you are trying to connect with just let me know if it's a birthday party, a family gathering, a shower, support group, etc.) I will also need to know the location and if it is a home, venue, rec center, etc (travel up to 25miles from Sorrento Valley included in rates). Once we collaborate on scheduling and reserve your date, just invite your guest list and get excited for a beautiful Evening with Spirit!

Groups of 2-8: $350 (Joy, 90min, incl travel fee)

Groups of 2-8 (addit'l ppl $25 ea):  $450 (Joy & Kelly, 2 hours)

Groups of 8-15 (addit'l ppl $25 ea):  $550 (Joy & Kelly, 2 hours)

Groups of 16-25 (addit'l ppl $25 ea):  $650 (Joy & Kelly, 2 hours)

(Pre payment is required at the time of booking. Some clients decide to "host" the event themselves and some choose to split the cost between the attendees)

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What our customers are saying

It was amazing to watch Joy and Kelly work together. It's like you could almost see their connection and feel them connected to the same spirit person! One would see something and go into detail all about it and the other would see it too and add more details.  I've never seen anything like it and feel deeply touched to have been a part of that evening.


"The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched- they must be felt with the heart." -Helen Keller