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Joy Giovanni

Psychic Medium


Host your own Spirit Party this Halloween!

This Halloween, create an evening to be remembered . Host your own group mediumship reading in your home or office. Invite your own personal guest list. Certified psychic mediums Kelly Fisher and Joy Giovanni will give evidential and heart felt messages from your loved one in the Spirit world.

This event includes up to 20 guests, Joy and Kelly will share their experiences and deliver personal messages from your loved ones in the spirit world for your private group for aproximately 2 hours. This includes travel within 25 miles of 92121. The total is $599. 

A Spirit Party (or Spirit Circle) is an intimate evening of connection between loved ones who have crossed over to the Spirit world and the people they know still living in the physical world. Sit with Joy and Kelly as they feel, see, hear and connect to those who want to say hello to you. It is said that the veil is even thinner close to Halloween!

Experience spirit communication in an up close and personal way. Hear what loved ones have to say about your life and theirs through detailed validations and meaningful messages. Kelly and Joy give evidence and messages proving that life exists beyond physical death and answer psychic questions.

Host this Event!

(Eventbrite ticket $599)