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Private Readings

In an evidential mediumship reading, your loved ones in the Spirit world validate who they are by conveying

specific, detailed evidence so unique to them that you recognize and validate their presence. For example, I may receive details from them about their personality traits, personal habits, items they treasured, shared memories or other details only you would know. Loved ones often give details of things going on in your life since their passing to validate that they are still with you and they also give messages from the heart.

I ask that you don’t tell me who you would like to connect with. When your loved one comes through, we determine exactly who we are speaking with by the validations they are offering, then I pass along any messages.

Most can feel the presence of their departed loved ones in the room. The experience can be very emotional, yet rewarding.

It is a wonderful healing experience for your departed loved ones in the Spirit world, as well.

For those who are open to it, the sessions are often a combination of a mediumship reading (tuning in to Spirit world) and a psychic reading (tuning in to you) as I become aware of the greatest need of your soul. Changes with work, relationships and personal matters can be as emotionally charged as the loss of a loved one. We determine our future as we move through the present and nothing is "set in stone". A psychic reading can give perspective to assist you with making the most informed decisions possible as you create you own future.

I let Spirit lead the session wherever it needs to go.

Essentially, what I do is Soul to Soul connection. I can connect with your soul (psychic) or the Soul of a departed loved one (mediumship). The reason this works is because we are all a Soul and even after the physical body is gone the Soul itself lives on. 

When scheduling, please let me know if you desire purely mediumship or psychic or if you are open to whatever comes through from this side or the other!

What to expect from an evidential psychic/mediumship reading:

*Energy has no time and space. We are all connected. A triangle of energy between the loved one in Spirit, you (the sitter) and myself (the channeler) is needed. Come with an open mind.

*Sometimes those who come through can be who you least expect! I find that if the Soul you are trying to connect with doesn’t come through at first, more often than not, they do come through eventually…sometimes other energies are necessary to help that Soul come through.

*Sometimes two or more Souls come through at a time because they all want face time! In this case, I ask one Soul to take a temporary step back so that they can each have a turn.

*Communicating with Spirit is sometimes like a charades game from my end! I connect with the souls of your departed loved ones through clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling) and claircognizance (knowing). I may receive a message that means nothing to me but will actually be very significant to you. If something is important that they have shown me and I haven’t relayed the message to you, they will always try to show me in a different way until they get their message across.

*If something doesn’t make sense at the time of your reading, take special note of the information… the meaning will usually reveal itself later. It could be something that you are not aware of but will find out later on. Sometimes spirits like to give this special validation so that you have no doubt they are with you.

Sessions are approximately 60 minutes ($175) or 90 minutes ($225)

Private sittings are best for one person to attend this way the entire session is focused on you. If there are 2, I cannot guarantee that both would get messages since in every reading the Spirit World runs the show! For further explanation feel free to contact me!

 For 2 or more please visit the "Group Readings" page.


What clients are saying

Joy gave me an amazing reading. She truly has the real deal gift.  The details were spot on with everything and her gentle presence was exactly what I needed. I felt like my dad was right there when she was talking about the special cookies we still make for him at holidays and things we did together.  My heart is full of happiness. I am so grateful to Joy and will certainly be recommending her to others.

Hope B.